The President

An Or Ami member since its founding, David served as the congregation’s secretary for the four years prior to becoming president. He shares a lifelong passion for music with his older son, Charlie, a budding guitarist and songwriter. Charlie and his younger brother Nate, who loves exploring the world with his iPad, live in Centerville, Ohio. A technical and promotional writer by trade, David often helps friends, relatives, and rabbis with their emails, articles, reports, and essays.

2021-2022 Board of Trustees

President David Arnold
Vice President Jennifer Bonnin
Treasurer Ira Flax
Secretary Sharon Plon
Trustees David Bent
Jason Feer
Shara Hymowitz
Judy Karonika
Lily Medina
Zach Mester
Margey Meyer
Marjorie Meyers
Anne Perlmutter
Ed Rochman
Jerry Rochman
Terry Schlanger
Chandler Waite
Howard Walper
Herb Whalley
Immediate Past President Allan Quiat