Other Giving Opportunities

You can help get money for Or Ami when you shop at Amazon. Simply click this link first before you do your shopping:  smile.amazon.com/ch/74-1742050 . It’s that easy.



It can’t get easier than this!
Buy gift cards for your everyday and special purchases and shopwithscrip.com will pay US to use their card service!

That’s right!  Every time you use a gift card purchased from shopwithscrip.com, Sisterhood gets FREE MONEY!

STEP 1: Go to the shopwithscrip.com website, sign in and use the Congregation Or Ami Sisterhood enrollment code 3EL9LB7416919.

STEP 2: You can either set up a PrestoPay account (each order will cost .39 extra) or email Jean Quiat to find out how to pay by check.

STEP 3. Pick up gift cards at the Or Ami office or arrange a home delivery.

That’s it! You can dine out at your favorite restaurants, buy groceries at local supermarkets, see the latest movies and even fill your car and Congregation Or Ami’s Sisterhood MAKES MONEY!

Additionally, please check with your place of business if they have matching funds or grants. If you have questions, please call the office.