Post B’nai Mitzvah

ATID-The Post B’nai Mitzvah Learning Community

The teen years are filled with great joy and optimism about the future. What better opportunity is there for parents and the synagogue to help our youth shape their dreams and expectations than with the enduring values and rich history of the Jewish People? Our ATID (Post-B’nai Mitzvah) Learning program combines continued emphasis upon Jewish texts with a stimulating exploration of personal identity, Jewish ethics and philosophy for our time. It is part of a three-pronged program that emphasizes formal learning, OASYS-USY involvement, and service to the synagogue and community. Grades 8-12 meet approximately twice a month on Sundays from 11:30-12:30 with Rabbi Estes.

ATID Curriculum – Overall Goal:

To involve each student in a comprehensive program of Jewish learning and living that will prepare them for an active and committed Jewish life. This program reflects the Vision Statement of Congregation Or Ami that states:

“Kindling the Light of learning, spiritual growth, and compassion to nurture creative and innovative Jewish life in the home, in the synagogue, and in the community”

This program is intended to incorporate three aspects:

  • Formal Jewish learning through the classes (Torah study)
  • Youth group experience through the OASYS- USY program (Avodah- spiritual growth)
  • Service to the synagogue and community through mitzvah projects and participation in the religious life of Congregation Or Ami (Gemilut Hasadim- acts of lovingkindness)