Religious School

Congregation Or Ami Religious School:

The goal of Or Ami’s program of religious education is to provide a setting in which children and youth may explore the many facets of Judaism so that they will celebrate Jewish life in the present and the future. The synagogue seeks to offer our children and youth learning opportunities that will enrich their lives at home and at school.

We strive to accomplish these goals by recognizing that every child and youth stands at a unique point on the spectrum of learning and observance. Through personal attention to each student’s background and learning style, we endeavor to instill knowledge of Jewish beliefs and traditions, familiarity with Jewish ritual and liturgical skills, competence in Hebrew reading and basic language, and the practice of mitzvot (commandments) pertaining to tzedakah (righteous charity), gemilut hasadim (acts of compassion) and tikkun olam (social justice).


Or Ami Religious School seeks to instill in our students a life-long love and commitment to Judaism and the Jewish people in engaging and relevant ways. We believe that Judaism can strengthen the family with the warmth and wisdom of Jewish tradition as we live in a modern world. Our goal is to bring the beauty and vitality of Judaism into the lives of our parents and children, in the home, the synagogue and community.

The Religious Education Committee has adopted a new curriculum this school year: a well-established education program developed by the Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL) of Jackson, Mississippi. Beginning in Pre- Kindergarten and running through the High School grades, it is a spiral curriculum—meaning that its ten core values will be covered throughout the grades, at increasing levels of sophistication. The content areas to be covered will include Community, Culture & Symbols, God, Hebrew & Prayer, Israel, Jewish History, Holidays, Lifecycle Events, Mitzvot (commandments) & Middot (Jewish values), and Tanach (Bible: Torah, Prophets & Writings).

In addition to classroom learning, we will also be holding all-school programs and family education programs—focused primarily on holiday observances and celebrations. Please note these special events on the school calendar and announcements so you can join your child/children in Jewish study and fun!